PocketDEMO produce few very utilities apps for Iphone and Ipad

is a revolutionary 3D tool case that contains measuring tools animated with gorgeous 3D graphics.




Compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Dimension wakes up the distance meter that was sleeping in your iPhone. Thanks to our revolutionary sonar combined with the camera of the iPhone, you will able to measure any distances in a house or appartment and save them to use them later on and build an accurate plan.

… but that’s not all …

  • There is a real caliper with a precision of 0.078 mm or 0.003 inch which lets you measure tiny objects.
  • A smart satellite map lets you measure the surface of your garden, land, field, you name it.
  • The accuracy is beyond what you’de expect from a satellite view …
  • You can use it as a podometer.
  • Works with both metric and british (imperial) systems
  • and that’s only half of what is inside this “Dimension” case

Measure anything with Dimension in your iPhone !


“Real Caliper” same functionalities as a $100 real caliper for only $1.99 !!!.




Compatible with iPad.
Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Same functionalities as a $100 real caliper for $0.99 !!!

Very high precision iPad Caliper From the creators of “Dimensions“, best selling real tool box on the AppStore.

#1 best selling app in 4 countries and # 2 in 4 other countries.


  • Real scale caliper thanks to the big iPad display.
  • Very easy to use. No training required. You just slide the tool with your finger
  • Precision: 0.00756 inch or 0.192 mm !!!
  • Range: 6 inches or 16 cm
  • A high precision Wheel let’s you adjust your measurement very easily
  • You can OffSet the Caliper at any position to subtract values

And all this is presented inside a 3D animated drop dead gorgeous wooden box.

See PocketDEMO’s apps  in action

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